Again we have brought a lot of gadgets with us on this trip! Although we are pretty willing to sacrifice the comforts of home, and our wardrobes, we haven’t yet been able to let go of our constant need for entertainment and social media sharing. It should also be noted, to give us a bit of credit, that we are planning on working whilst we are away so we both felt that we really needed to at least have a laptop with us. This stuff does weigh a lot!, so I will be updating this blog if we decide to let some of this go.

  • 2 phones (iPhone 6, Samsung J5 (really good choice for battery life, and cheap!))
  • MacBook Pro (shockproof case)
  • iPad mini 4
  • GoPro (GoPro selfie and tripod stand)
  • Rav power pack (6 charges for your devices or entire MacBook charge)
  • solar power pack
  • EU and USA plug adapters
  • Rodes sound recorder
  • mini JBL speaker
  • 1 terrabyte (waterproof) hard rive


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