Life on the Road

Ok yes we have packed a lot! And I am pretty sure that we will be getting rid of some of the stuff on this list!… so stay tuned to find out what we have already chucked out and what we have added.  It should also be noted from this list that we are not sponsored by MSR, we just obviously like to fund their company.


cooking gear
cooking gear
  • MSR wisperlite stove
  • MSR pot brush
  • Rubber Carrier bottles
  • MSR fuel bottle
  • Water hydration system
  • 3 x sporks
  • MSR titanium pot
  • AIG titanium pan
  • Sea to Summit expandable cookery set
  • collapsible sink
  • lighter
  • kindling
  • MSR 4lt water bag


Bedding gear
Bedding gear
  • 2 x Feathered Friends Flicker sleeping bags
  • 2 x Sea to Summit ultralight insulated sleeping mats
  • 2 x Trekology foldable chairs (already left this at the 1st Airbnb, on purpose!)
  • 2 x inflatable pillows
  • 2 x silk sleeping bag liners (already lost one!)
  • MSR hubba hubba 2 person tent
  • MSR tent footprint
  • jumper cables


Bike spares
Bike spares
  • 1 x Marathon tires (decided we didn’t need this because of the bulk and we would boot our tires if an emergency happens, fingers crossed that doesn’t happen)
  • 3 x intertubes
  • roll of gorilla tape
  • 2 x Fiber Fix emergency spokes
  • 2 x spare spokes
  • Leatherman Wingman
  • Toppeak multi tool
  • 5 x quick links
  • 10 links spare chain
  • 1 x puncture repair kit
  • 1 x peal and stick puncture patches
  • Tire leavers
  • 2 x tire pumps
  • 1 x spare break pads
  • Dry lubricant
  • Wet lubricant
  • cable ties (these are super necessary but somehow we managed to lose them and will need to pick some up)
  • Spare brake cable
  • Spare gear cable
  • leather cream
  • material tape
  • rags

Cycling stuff

  • Cycling glasses
  • Cycling gloves (fingerless and warm weather)
  • Snood
  • Cycling hat
  • Wahoo element gps tracker
  • 2 x Ortileb front panniers
  • 2 x Ortileb vario back panniers
  • ortileb handlebar bag
  • lights


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